Amazon Seller Course: Amazing Selling Machine or AMZ Savages?

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Why would you need an Amazon seller course?

Today is the best day of your life. As soon as you woke up, you made the momentous decision that you’ve been considering for quite a while. You took the first step by simply setting your heart on it; now you’re well on your way to becoming a successful Amazon seller. Unless you come to an abrupt halt at the first major road block: you have no idea how any of it works! What is the FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) option and why does it sound so scary? How wrong can it go?

Don’t panic, it’s nothing a few good Amazon training courses can’t fix. Right? But there are so many business mentoring programs out there, it’s almost impossible to choose. Ok, you can go ahead and panic now, safe in the knowledge that everything will clear up in as many minutes as it takes for you to read this brief guide.

Amazon seller training vs. Business coaching

Your first beacon in the mist is the realization of the fact that there is a huge difference between Amazon classes and business mentoring programs. While the former can give you an idea on how to proceed generally, the latter can give you as a person the abilities required to set up a successful business. While you ponder, keep in mind that selling on Amazon, while pretty straightforward technically, won’t become truly profitable unless you approach it with a business mind. It may even turn against you at some point. To give you an example, would you start driving a car just after having watched a video and reading posts on a forum or would you like to be guided step-by-step having someone at your side?  So our suggestion on how to overcome this first obstacle is to find a mentor in business (i.e. capable copilot) and treat your Amazon venture like a professional rally.

Amazing Selling Machine vs. AMZ Savages

Now that the fog is starting to clear up, you get enough visibility to notice the crossroads up ahead: ASM or AMZ Savages? That depends almost exclusively on what you expect from yourself. The Amazing Selling Machine course is designed to help anyone – literally – understand how they can go about selling on Amazon. If that’s where you want to take yourself, that’s just fine. But why would you cut short the best ride of your life? We at AMZ Savages don’t cater to anyone, just the one – you.

We know you are one of a kind. And experience has taught us the tremendous impact that personal abilities, vision and aspirations can have on managing a successful long-term retail business. That’s why we make it a point of customizing all our services so we can meet your expectations on a personal level.

As it turns out, if you have it in you to go beyond the finish line, AMZ Savages is the professional copilot you’re looking for. Because we’re here to actually help you in person with one-on-one business mentoring, constant and open communication, a solid Amazon marketing strategy tailored specifically to your unique needs, and full Amazon seller support all throughout your journey. You’re our favorite seller and your Amazon business venture means the world to us. After all, it’s your success that drives ours with TrustPilot confidence. That’s why we’re all in.

The new seller’s map

Speaking of driving, you can use the table below just like a map to show you where your two options (AMZ Savages and Amazing Selling Machine) lead. Check it out to see exactly how deep our involvement goes and why AMZ Savages is the wise, sure-fire and obvious choice. Then, keep it close at hand for easy reference along the way.

Training Video Tutorials Unlimited one-on-one tailored discussion
Assistance Forum Unlimited one-on-one tailored discussion
Product Research Requires subscription to Jungle Scout Our very own revolutionary research tool that identifies your potential Amazon best seller product based on your budget and personal criteria
Product Sourcing N/A Our sourcing team finds a pre-qualified manufacturer (better value than Alibaba)
Business plan N/A Tailored based on your investment budget
Shipping Resource Vault Direct contact via Skype with our in-house shipping team
Packaging Resource Vault Direct contact via Skype with our in-house Packaging team
Branding Resource Vault Direct contact via Skype with our in-house Branding team
Photography Resource Vault Direct contact via Skype with our in-house Photography team
Post launch support N/A 1 month free launch support
T-Shirt One A Savage One + One cap for your seller headshot!
Guaranteed product launch No Yes!
Cost $6,000 $4,997


So if you’re still wondering where you should get your training to sell on Amazon and how the ASM system compares to our crack team of savages, take a peak at what comes next in your epic journey. Just like a machine, he ASM will deliver courses for selling on Amazon that will help you get your bearings up to a point. You can look at it as stopping at a motel for the night only to stay there indefinitely. We at AMZ Savages are deeply human. We are a team dedicated to bringing you an exceptional Amazon selling experience so you can provide an exceptional buying experience to your customers. We listen, we share, we assist organically, so you can reach your destination quickly and safely, while fully enjoying the ride.

What’s more, you get behind-the-scene access and the chance to get involved with real-time feedback in everything we do to prepare your A-Z product launch: product research and selection, branding, outsourcing and shipping, setting up the Amazon listing. It’s you who’s in the driver’s seat!

Ok, now that the picture is crystal clear, you can stop panicking and relax. After all, it is the best day of your life – the day when you decided to become an Amazon seller! No better time to try our free Amazon FBA training to get a taste of what lies in wait for you.

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