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Pay for your business in 5 Easy Monthly Installments

Ares Zeus
Product Research & Sourcing your product from a Premium supplier

Complete Business Plan including Sales Projections

New Brand Creation - If necessary (Trademark Registration Assistance)

Receiving & Validating the Samples

Product Manufacturing Supervising

Listing Creation & Optimization

Shipping and Delivery Management

Detailed preparation of the Backend Settings

Creation of the PPC Campaigns

Assistance to obtain quality Reviews

Launching the product
We are LIVE on Amazon!

Ranking Strategy



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Aside from your images, your title is the most important aspect of your listing. We will pick the most relevant keywords for your product using our Accurate Data Reports, and place them in the right order.


We know how Amazon Indexing is working, therefore we know how important is the placement of the keywords in the right position. We create bullet points that focus on product benefits, tell a compelling story, build trust, and help you index for the top keywords.


We pay attention to spacing, indentation, use of emojis and use of indexing keywords. Combine this with our text optimisation and we can convince your customer in the most compelling way to buy your product.

Included: Front-end+Back-end
The price listed is per Asin with one variation

3-5 business days

Save $90


Product marketing on Amazon is like starting a business in a country where you don't speak the language. You know some of the words, you know the places you want to go, but how do you get there?

You need a guide. And his name is Fabian. Got a manufacturer dragging their feet on your samples? You talk to your contact - it's already done, Fabian handled it two days ago. Get an email from Amazon that there's a problem that needs to be addressed, and you have no idea what to do? Fabian knows what to do. You need new pictures asap. Fabian.

I can't say enough good things about Fabians service. I came into Amazon marketing uninformed and unprepared, and Fabian got me from completely lost to launching multiple products.
10/10, if we could duplicate him we'd be billionaires.

Alex Coats

Amazon Seller

What do I have to do once we start
working on the New Product Launch Package?

Nothing but to ask questions and learn. Basically we take care of each task until the product is Live for sale on Amazon. We definitely recommend you learning the process once we start working so you'll know how to do it yourself in the future for
the next products.

Do you usually ship by sea or air in the first order?

We, most of the times, combine Air and Sea shipping. This way we manage to save money.

How long does it take to finish a Zeus New Product Launch project?

Since Day 1 of the Product Research until your new product is available for sale on Amazon it takes on average 75 days.

How long does it take to finish an Ares
New Product Launch project?

Once the contracts are signed it takes on average 40 days to have the product available for sale on Amazon.

Is it possible to upgrade to the ZEUS package after purchasing your Legendary Product

Yes. If you decide you need us to launch your products, you can always pay for the difference.

How much money do I need in order to start selling successfully on Amazon?

The minimum amount you need to have in order to cover all the expenses, maintain a good inventory management and marketing is at least $6,000. Not having this minimum amount you can easily run out of inventory after launching the product and this will, most of the times, make you lose the investment.

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