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A to Z New Product Launch is designed for
Amazon sellers like you. Choose and
launch “winning” products – products that
generate high sales with low risk

In today’s competitive online market, it can be almost impossible to succeed as a first-time independent seller on Amazon. This isn’t like opening a traditional retail shop in your home-town – you’re competing against experienced professionals located all over the world! Fortunately, AMZ Savages is here to help new online sellers learn exactly how to succeed.

My name’s Fabian David, and as the CEO of AMZ Savages, I see that clients like you need a unique, personalized service. This isn’t some generic online course or launch promotion – we offer a business model that is designed to empower you to go on to prosper as independent Amazon seller.

With over 6 years’ experience as an Amazon consultant, I know exactly what your business needs to compete against the top professionals and I’m happy to share this knowledge with you.

I promise you a truly individualized experience. This is why I’ll be the one taking your calls and sharing my screen with you every step of the way. The rest of the AMZ Savages team will be your backup helping you with overall execution from research to product launch.

And, best of all, our hands-on initial product launch is tailored to suit your specific needs, so you can choose to mix-and-match to get exactly what you need to make your business successful.

So how does our process work? Here’s a brief overview of our step-by-step process:

Product Research

Any successful business should start with thorough research, so that is exactly what we do. In this initial stage we:
  • Ask you to decide on your total budget for product investment
  • Discuss any specific criteria that you’d like us to adhere to (category or target niche)
  • Undertake thorough product research (I do this personally, assisted by a team member)

Product Selection

I’ll present you with a list of three different products that you can select from. Each product will be accompanied by a:

  • Full business plan, enabling you to appraise the merits of each product
  • List of all up-front and ongoing investment costs 
  • Sales projections detailing the expected return on investment of each option


Once you’ve chosen your product we can get started on the branding of your business (if necessary). This would include:

  • The creation of the business name and design of the company logo
  • Product package design (with the option of metal or cardboard to suit product)
  • Legal patenting protection to safeguard the ornamental product design

    The costs for Branding are NOT included in the service fee


During this stage of development the aim is to ensure all samples closely resemble the anticipated finished product. We will:
  • Obtain a total of three samples from the supplier to check for conformity
  • Send one of the samples directly to you so that you can inspect and approve
  • Put the remaining samples through our comprehensive quality control process

Production & Shipping

Production & Shipping: Production will begin as soon as the samples have been validated by you and by our quality control team. At this point:

  • The final approved product design is sent off to the manufacturer
  • Your products begin manufacturing while we keep working behind the scenes
  • Inventory is dispatched directly to the correct Amazon Fulfillment Centers

    The costs for production and shipping are NOT included in the service fee

Amazon/Seller Central Listing Set-Up

Amazon Seller Central Listing Set-Up: We will be ready to go live as soon as the finalized products arrive at Amazon. Listing set-up involves:

  • Creating appealing photos which will show off your product’s key selling features
  • Complete keyword analysis on the listings of your top 10 competitors
  • Set-up of all back-end Seller Central settings and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns

    The costs for Photography are NOT included in the service fee

Launch, Advertising & Optimizing

Launch, Advertising & Optimizing: This is the point when things start to get very real and very exciting! To make your products available we will:
  • Launch the listing and start the PPC campaigns as soon as the stock arrives at Amazon
  • Obtain product reviews (a process that usually takes 2-3 weeks)
  • Begin the ranking process to help you start selling products organically


Repeat: As I’ve already stated, this isn’t just a launch promotion – I will be teaching you the process throughout every stage of the journey, so that:
  • You will be able to truly benefit from the thorough step-by-step mentoring
  • You will feel confident enough to repeat the total development process
  • You can release more products on Amazon, confident that you’ll be a success

Get the full benefit of our team explaining and teaching you all the processes at the right time! Learn from us the secrets you need to know and apply to successfully run & scale your Amazon Business after your product is LIVE on Amazon

You may even decide that you don't want to put in the work, and that's fine. We can do it for you and because we are that good at it, we’ll even offer you a no quibble Money Back Guarantee


THE most important phase when launching a new product on Amazon

Criteria to apply when starting your Product Research :


Based on the budget available we can determine the selling price range of the future product. When calculating the budget we have to take into consideration the Production Leadtime, Shipping Timelines and Sales Velocity. Why? Well, it is to maintain good Inventory Management which is at the heart of your profitability.


PRO TIP: With a minimum budget of $20,000 available for investment to start your Amazon FBA Business, we can focus searching for products with a retail price between $80 - $140. These products are way less competitive than the cheaper ones.


We recommend beginning with a small product because Amazon charges low shipping fees and small storage fees*. As for the weight, lightweight is the perfect weight. But this doesn’t mean you cannot go with a medium-weight product.


We always want our product to be unique and to solve the problems people have with the competitor’s products. We help you find a product that has room for improvement. It also means we avoid getting Hijacked and that we ensure we con’t get the same bad reviews as your competitors. We start your business with these goals in mind: Create and grow a brand then increase its success by adding new products. One last thing: If it’s CONSUMABLE product, then we are really cooking on gas !!!


We avoid Fragile products or those that can easily break or be damaged. For the same reason, we avoid “complicated products” as well.


As a Startup on Amazon, we want our product to bring us profit all year round and not just for 3-4 months a year.

Now we know what your future product should look like. But this is not enough to be sure that your product will be a success and dominate your niche. Once we have found a product based on the above criteria and it meets the criteria below as well, then and only then do we know that we’ve found YOUR first WINNER!
It’s adhering to these strict criteria which makes all the difference when it comes to finding a really good product and being able to launch it successfully.


Other criteria we take in consideration when doing the Product Research:


Amazon Keyword Research & Analysis

Followed by Listing Creation & Optimization

If you want to stand out amongst the 500 million+ items currently on Amazon, then you need to know how to sell your product. This is where AMZ Savages can give you an advantage over your competitors. I’ve assembled a crack team of internet entrepreneurs and Amazon Sellers who understand exactly what is needed for an Amazon product listing to be successful. We utilize a three-step process that includes:

  • Initial keyword research – a thorough investigation of existing product listings to determine which keywords will boost sales
  • Listing creation (Amazon Page) – fine-tuned Amazon best practice techniques create an attractive listing that is highly engaging
  • Seller Central (back end of Amazon Page) – additional information is targeted towards Amazon’s Search Engine Optimization metrics

With this approach, we’ve been able to help over 400 businesses successfully launch their products on Amazon. This is all thanks to our detailed understanding of how Amazon works, coupled with our intense regime of testing and improving our techniques.


Amazon uses its custom search engine algorithms to match up buyer searches with relevant products, so you need to understand how the Amazon search engine operates if you’re going to get the most out of your product listing.

  • Determine who your top 10 competitors are on Amazon – businesses with similar products which are currently achieving the highest rankings.
  • Focus on the top-ranking products in your category niche to determine which listings are using the best keywords.
  • Filter the keywords for relevance and based on the associated search volume metrics (how much your product could be making in monthly sales).


While it’s important to include appealing photos that show off the main selling features of your product, it’s even more important to get the content right.

  • Keep the title length to a simple two lines or about 70 characters on average. Use the most important keywords first.
  • The dot points should provide succinct answers to common questions about the product – they should be to the point, convincing, and include top-ranking keywords.
  • The listing description text needs to be persuasive, descriptive, and focused on the product – and importantly, don’t forget to use emojis.


The back-end Seller Central is where the real search engine optimization magic happens. To help your listing gain high Amazon rankings it needs to be fully optimized behind the scenes.

  • Time to concentrate more on incorporating keywords and less on making the text sound appealing to readers.
  • In the Subject Matter Field use the entire keyword or a long-phrase incorporating multiple keywords – it no longer matters if this is repetitive or grammatically correct.
  • Use Seller Central to invest in some Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns that will drive more potential buyers to your product listing.
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