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If you are a potential or existing Amazon Seller then you’ve made your first good decision to come and see us.

We won’t tell you otherwise: Selling products on Amazon  is TOUGH and requires hard work, patience and good financing. Do you have the guts and determination to see it through? You have to be at the top of your game EVERY DAY. You cannot afford to leave ANYTHING to chance.

As Amazon is so competitive, everything has to be working in your favour BEFORE you start selling. Failure to do so means you may well have to start again from scratch. By working with AMZ Savages you have already given yourself a massive head start without the need of an Amazon FBA Course.

At AMZ Savages, we have seen ALL of the possible mistakes Amazon sellers make.

A long, long time ago, way before AMZ Savages, two heroes roamed the wilderness – Colin and Fabian. In 2016, they were both on a journey of self-discovery that led each of them to find his inner Amazon seller. To this day, the distant roar of adventure still rings in their ears! But alas, none of them was truly prepared for the challenges up ahead.

Colin had armed himself with knowledge by completing an Amazon training course, but soon realized that this mighty sword is a mere wooden toy in the hands of those less skilled. He needed a warrior by his side to complement his strategic mind.

Meanwhile, Fabian was audaciously tackling the mighty Amazon bare-handed. He had barely launched his first product when his fortunes took a sudden nose-dive. He lacked finance. He needed a business man by his side to complement his compative spirit.

Clearly, Colin and Fabian needed each other! And fate brought them together when Fabian explained his need for further finance on a Facebook group. Colin offered to provide the finance and our two heroes met for the first time in person in a sunny bar in Brussels, Belgium. They immediately clicked: Colin respected Fabian’s enthusiasm and Amazon knowledge and Fabian thought Colin had good business skills. Amazon, watch out!

At first, the newly formed duo focused on selling Fabian’s product: bamboo cutting boards. It didn’t turn out too well. The boards were good, better than most in fact. But the cutting board market was heavily saturated at the time, so it was impossible to gain any traction. The boards were eventually all sold, but only at a heavily discounted rate.

They didn’t give up, though. Not that they would even consider it. They heroically moved on to other products, determined to subdue the mighty Amazon. Legend has it that they were… slightly more successful. But they were destined to once again confront the green monster: money. Or rather the lack of it. They required much more finance to keep these products on the market. From this, they learned the most important lesson of all: one cannot perform great deeds without wise investment. Finally, the breakthrough came with two good products that met with success. But these were eventually sold onto a competing firm, because Colin and Fabian had already started contemplating something even greater… In the course of their adventure, they had stumbled across two amazing pieces of treasure. It was high time they reaped the benefits.

Sellers in need – While struggling to conquer the Amazon on their own, both Colin and Fabian realized that there was no-one offering a full service to help new sellers like them get started in selling on Amazon. Sure, there were lots of training courses, but knowing how something is done doesn’t mean you know how to do it. A guide was needed, someone who knew the wilderness through and through and who would COMMIT THEMSELVES TO THE SUCCESS OF THEIR CLIENTS, from start to finish. They realized that they themselves could and should become such a guide.

So they put these two pieces of treasure together and what they got was AMZ Savages. Fast forward three years and they are now running a company with over 20 staff with customers all over the world. The once intimidating Amazon is now theirs and their clients’ playground. No more monsters lurking about and plenty of booty everywhere you look.

But this requires constant work and attention. They are incessantly refining their procedures and systems to make them more robust and reduce the time-to-market, so that they are even more competitive. Because there are other heroes in search of fame and treasure out there, and they know they need to be one step ahead of them at any given moment.

Fabian and Colin’s clients are in a far better position than the average seller on Amazon. First of all, because they are never alone. Each client has become part of the AMZ Savages team and benefits from all its expertise, tools and connections. What’s more, AMZ Savages comes with an invaluable perk that most Amazon sellers don’t have: launching and selling new products in multiple categories. Seeing how every product behaves in different categories has helped improve processes and strategies and it also allows for a wider reach.

We have made it our mission to guide people in their audacious quest in the Amazon wilderness. By being fully and actively involved in each moment of their unforgettable adventures, we ourselves are constantly reliving the Amazonian thrills alongside each of our customers. This is our dream come true. We are determined to keep perfecting our methods and extending our reach, because we already know what the future holds: 100% success. So we are relentlessly making our way to it!

Do YOU REALLY want to learn the hard way?

There is an ever growing number of sellers on Amazon, and if you’re not an EXPERT in all of the above skills, you will be at a disadvantage.Daily, we spend near obsessive amounts of time on testing and continually improving our skills as well as learning alongside other Amazon top sellers to stay ahead of changes to the platform, tools and our competition

We’ve met some incredible minds over the years. Their input and passion have inspired us to continue to learn about Amazon. Working with Amazon is both art and science which takes a long time to acquire and we have to continually refine our own skills and priorities.

In the past 6 years, we have helped launch over 700 Amazon sellers from all over the world without the need of an Amazon FBA Course.
Now we get a chance to work with your Amazon business too!

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