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amazon product launch

This may not be your first amazon product launch, but did you know that Amazon will now take photos for you? On paper, it makes sense: it’s cost-effective, they already have your product and they definitely know what sells. 

Before we show you how to add this quick-fix to your listing, we do need to warn you: not all of our customers have been happy with its results. It may not be the one-stop imaging tool that it’s cracked up to be.

amazon product launch

Image Courtesy of Cristian Cismelaru,


Before we get ahead of ourselves and tell you which solutions we do (or do not) recommend, let’s take a minute to ask ourselves “what are we trying to achieve?” 

Professional Amazon Product Photographer, Cristian Cismelaru, reminds Amazon FBA sellers they must achieve truthful, exciting, and unique images to sell on amazon, and weighs in on how to take Amazon Product Photos:

The correct lighting. Ideally, photos taken in a professional studio setting to ensure images are clear and illuminated correctly. As when you shop online, consumers want to see details and verify the quality product with their own eyes.

Pictures should be polished by a professional graphic designer. All top Amazon products show size, dimensions and the product in use. Graphic design is the only way to achieve this without conducting a full-scale photo shoot. Although there are programs to help ensure a 3D image could be simulated, these types of edits only increase the time (and cost) you’ll spend on what should otherwise be a very honest and simple representation of the product, if the photo is taken correctly.

Images must represent the truth. There is no sense in trying to fabricate a look, size or use. The happiest customers are the ones who receive exactly the item they expected. 

Be bright, vivid and optimistic! A truthful representation doesn’t mean photos should be boring! Even the most mundane product will stand out if the buyer can see how it adds value to their lives (how glamorous could a stapler really be? It represents a Monday at the office for most)

Photos must be unique. If you are going to try and imitate photos from other sellers, you will attract automatic impressions of amateurism, low quality or a just private label product. This practice is considered copyright infringement.

What is Amazon Imaging Service


    • No Shipping
    • No Discussion
    • It’s Amazon… they know what their buyers want


    • Are you ready for it? It’s a big one…You can’t change your photos without permission from Amazon and you don’t have the source files!

Cost: $50 – $150 USD

Still Going For It? You Can’t Say We Didn’t Warn You, but See Steps Below before your next Amazon product launch

Time to Complete Task: 1-3 minutes

When to use: Arguably, when you have no other option.

Level of Importance: Great photos: crucial. This method: optional

Getting Started

  1. Log into your Amazon Seller Central Account
  2. Click Inventory
  3. Click Manage Images 

Note: If you use Amazon’s Photography Service, the steps stop here. You will not have access to any image without being a registered brand with A+ Content. You will not have access to the photos to change order or delete them. Here you will have to contact Seller Support (even to switch the order of photo)

  1. Click Amazon Imaging
  2. Click Buy Now (Amazon will charge you between $50.00 – $150.00)


How do you update photos on Amazon Imaging

You have to contact Amazon. 

Does AMZ Savages offer Photography Services

Yes, this is a massive aspect of the Listing Optimization Process and have worked with Cristian on countless products over the past several years.

We still don’t have a single doubt about his process! Learn about Product Photography from our team’s expert  Cristi here.


To wrap up: Amazon Imaging is a cost-effective imaging service that has the benefit of being fast, shipping-free, and crafted by the Amazon marketplace itself. However, you are beholden to Amazon itself, and cannot really change your image after it has been added without their permission. Proceed with caution.


how to sell on AmazonMy name’s Fabian David, and as the CEO of AMZ Savages, I believe in offering clients a unique and personalized service. This isn’t just some generic online course or new amazon launch promotion – we offer a business model designed to empower customers so that they can go on to prosper as independent Amazon sellers. With over 6 years’ experience as an Amazon consultant, I know exactly what your business needs to compete against the established professionals, and I’m happy to share this knowledge with you. I believe in a truly individualized experience, which is why I’ll be the one taking your calls and sharing my screen with you every step of the way. The rest of the AMZ Savages team will be on hand to support the overall execution of your amazon FBA launch, ensuring things happen on schedule and as agreed. Best of all, we tailor our hands-on initial amazon product launch formula to suit your specific needs, so you can use your own services wherever you’d like (saving you some extra money along the way)