7 No-Fail Steps For Finding Products to Sell on Amazon | 2021 Guide

how to find products to sell on amazon

Amazon Marketplace is the leading eCommerce platform to launch a successful online business. One of the first steps to creating a successful business on Amazon is to research and select the best products within your budget that will be most profitable. There are two key components to finding products to sell successfully on Amazon: Product Selection and Product Validation.

 It all starts with the right Product Selection criteria…

The product selection process is very critical as it determines the outcome of your business and your returns on investment. In other words, selecting the wrong product is basically setting up your business for failure. Product selection can sometimes be difficult because of the variety of products and the range of competitors on Amazon Marketplace. However, if you are seeking financial freedom or high returns on an investment that can possibly develop generational wealth then investing your time, patience, and enthusiasm into your product selection will definitely contribute to your success.

Our team has worked assiduously to develop the best Amazon product research tool to help you create a successful business on Amazon. By using such tools you do not have to spend months (or even hours!) trying to find the right product when you can do it in just a couple of minutes, which is important, as it still will take hard work and commitment.  

The sooner you complete your product selection, the sooner you will be able to launch your business on Amazon. Remember: time is money! Our product research engine is perfectly designed to assist you whether you are a new entrepreneur seeking a profitable investment or a business owner transitioning from a brick and mortar store to the eCommerce industry

There Are 6 Steps For Determining What to Sell on Amazon FBA…


Unless you already have a product, it will cost you a minimum of $10,000, from start to finish, to make money selling on Amazon in 2021. One of the key elements in product selection is to prepare the ideal budget for your business investment. Once you have outlined the details of your budget, you can select the selling price range for your product- a range calculated to be the most profitable. While this may seem obvious, many of the “surprise” expenses which sink 97% of new Amazon businesses are not: Production, branding, shipping, advertising, ranking, and Amazon FBA storage fees are a handful of the costs you will encounter.

2. Product Selling Price

This is the price your product will sell for on Amazon. This is a business, and like any business, expenses need to be forecasted and numbers need to be crunched in advance to ensure a high (or even any) ROI.

If your budget starts at…

  • $10,000 – The best price range for each product would be $10-$25
  • $20,000 – You can price your products between $25-$80
  • $50,000 – Will allow for a search of products ranging from $80-$140+ 

Our legendary product research tool has been carefully engineered and reviewed by experts to calculate the perfect selling price range based on your investment budget.


3. Size and Weight

The size and weight of your product is a crucial consideration: The smaller the product, the lower the shipping and storage fees when launching with Fulfillment by Amazon. We recommend that you select products based on your budget when considering the storage of inventory. Here’s a detailed chart that can guide you on your selection of the size and weight of the product: Product selection/ size and weight

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the best selling products online right now are naturally essential items and the Amazon FBA Business model has been modified accordingly. Amazon is only allowing new sellers to send a maximum of 200 units to their fulfillment centers unless it is an essential item. 

4. Improvability and Unicity

Like any business, we strive to ensure that we are improving the buying experience for each consumer. On Amazon, we can easily achieve this with the following 2 easy tricks:

  • Find the issues consumers have with competitors’ products and filling the gaps with the products that we approve. We want to help you to create a long-lasting brand with products that may fall within the category of the best-selling products on Amazon.
  • Identify a unique product for your brand and pair it with a product that complements it. Our aim is to help you build a profitable business, and this is essential if you are interested in expanding your inventory.

These techniques to differentiate your product line reduces the risk of your brand becomng  hijacked by third party sellers and protects your revenue and investment.

5. Shippable

Didn’t we just discuss this under the size and weight umbrella? This topic, unfortunately, requires special attention when it comes to finding products to sell on Amazon, and it also can SKU your rate of return.  Certain products are simply more difficult to ship. We recommend putting in extra thought (or avoiding altogether) items which are:

  • Heavy-duty or excessively complex
  • Fragile (thin wood, glass)
  • Intricate electronics (microchips, circuit boards) 

We highly recommend choosing products that do not risk complications in shipment. It saves time by reducing shipment delays and prevents the risk of any accidents during processing and shipment. Remember the goal is to maximize the return on investments and reduce unnecessary costs.  

A great way to accomplish this? By going back to your potential competitor’s negative reviews.

6. Seasonality and Relevance

We recommend avoiding seasonal products for your inventory. They will affect your revenue because once the season ends, your sales will decrease. Select a product that will be in constant demand so it can be sold at any time of the year.

The COVID-19 pandemic has introduced many new products and sellers on the e-commerce market and there is now a high demand for masks, sanitizers, cleaning agents, etc. There are absolutely items now in demand due to COVID19 which we would recommend selling, However, this responsibility is not to be taken lightly, as all procedures must be followed. Therefore, this is only a good fit if you already have an idea for a category that needs to be filled. As a new seller, we recommend being very cautious when choosing products within this category.

Learning How to Find Products to Sell on Amazon?

This is a business, and there is a lot too it. Stay tuned for our advanced articles and tutorials teaching you how to become a seller on Amazon, creating your own Amazon Business Plan, Amazon Gated Categories, avoiding fees,  and more.

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