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Product Research

Finding the right products to sell is crucial for Amazon sellers. Whether searching for your first product or new killer products to add to your growing list, we would estimate that 90 percent of people get stuck here because they're not sure how to validate whether a product is “right.”

There is nothing in the entire Amazon business process like product research—the most important task and the most beautiful. This time-consuming process fascinates us here at AMZ Savages, and this is why we focus on it.


We launched our first product in 2017 with the help of AMZ Savages. We had no idea what to do. We just had the money to invest. After launching the first 3 products with them, we tried ourselves to launch 2 new products but it was a huge mistake because we failed doing a good product research and we lost the investment. Back to AMZ Savages, we managed to grow our brand to 29 products and we continue to use their services to launch new products.

Amazon Seller
These guys are from another planet!

We launched over 14 products with AMZ Savages and 12 products are making more than the sales projected in the business plans. You just cannot go wrong with them.​

Amazon Seller
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