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How COVID-19 makes it Safer to Sell on Amazon

Selling products on Amazon may be the best investment and safest way to keep earning money during the COVID-19 Crisis.
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April 8, 2020
4 min. read

Why It Actually Costs $6000 to Start Selling on Amazon

Updated: June 2020 We've all seen the YouTube videos and read the blogs "Start selling on Amazon with as little as $1000!" As sellers and professional Amazon Coaches, however, we've seen more residual heartbreak from this misleading "viral post" gimmicks. Every seller needs to account for the following expenses: Branding...
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How to "Buy Local" with Amazon

There is a lot a talk about how Amazon’s online marketplace has ripped the floor out from underneath traditional retail, but we urge brick and mortar small business to instead begin leverage this massive advantage over new Amazon businesses: you already have a brand, products and business. Small businesses can skip the hardest step --- why do so many stop there?
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The 7 Steps to Amazon Seller Success

  In today’s competitive online market, it can be almost impossible to succeed as a first-time independent seller on Amazon. This isn’t like opening a traditional retail shop in your home-town – you’re competing against experienced professionals located all over the world! Fortunately, AMZ Savages is here to help new...
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How Much Does it Really Cost to Start Selling on Amazon

  Have you been thinking about investing in Amazon? With a few extra bucks in your account just waiting to be invested in a profitable venture, one can’t ignore the cash cow that is Amazon. However, keep in mind that for every success story and claim that investing in Amazon...
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Everything You Need To Know About Hiring A PPC Expert

Running your business on Amazon can still be daunting after you first launch, especially if you are still trying to figure things out. Do not worry though ---we are still always here to help you move forward with growing your business with our guidance and assistance, everything can be within...
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