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How to Ship Inventory to Amazon's Fulfillment Center

So you have selected your product - now how is it going to get to Amazon's warehouse? If you're feeling lost, you're not alone. This is not only one of our top New Seller FAQs, but a top FAQ for Amazon Seller Central as well. Amazon provides 4 options which you can review here if preferred. We' already know our favourite and have recorded these steps (and added a few cost-saving tips) the preferred AMZ Savages way below.  

Time to Complete Task: 5-10 minutes
Level of Importance: Required

To save time, we have broken the video up into each of the six Seller Central phases, so you can jump directly to the place you might be stuck. If you prefer to watch the full tutorial click here.

Getting Started 

  1. Log into your Amazon Seller Central Account
  2. "Inventory"
  3. "Manage FBA Inventory"
  4. "Edit" (in the rightmost column) 
  5.  Select "Send/Replenish Inventory"
  6. "Create new shipping plan" and select the appropriate package type
  7. "Continue to Shipping plan"

Set Quantity

  1. Fill in “units per case”
  2. Fill in Number of cases Example: If we part 20 units per carton/box, and we are sending 1000 units. That is 1 piece in a box, individually packed
  3. Click Continue

Prepare Products 

  1. Navigate to “Who Preps?” and select Amazon* or Merchant
  2. Under “Prep Guidance” Click “Choose Catagory”
  3. Select the appropriate category.
  4. If there are no special requirements by Amazon select “no-prep needed”

Cost Saving Tip: This is asking who is taking care of the prep, labeling/adding barcodes and packing of the products. Our team always recommends selecting “Merchant” and then asking your production manager (intern) or negotiating these tasking into the contract with your shipping agent or supplier (external)

Label Products 

This section is about the barcode.

  1. Navigate to “Who Labels”
    • Amazon: Select if Amazon is doing this for you. Select Print Labels and send to the supplier in this case
    • Merchant: If you followed our Cost-Saving branding tips, you will select “Merchant. Do not print labels 
  2. Click Continue
  3. Review and approve everything under the “Review Shipments tab” Click Approve & continue

Cost-saving tip: Integrate the barcode into the packaging when you design it. This eliminates the need for Amazon to do it. In addition to the improved look, this will save you around 25 cents per unit.

View Shipments

The shipment is now created. This is not the same as the barcode labels this is for when Amazon received your shipment.

  1. Click “Work on Shipment”
  2. Print the shipping labels
  3. Select the correct shipping carrier under “other carrier”
    • UPS: Partners with Amazon. This is the best pricing if you sending your product from within the United States only
    • Other: Select this option if your product is not in the states. 
    • Multiple Boxes
    • Box integration 
      • Size & weight
      • Number of products in each box

Note: The Shipment Quantity and Total Quantity must match. Example: If we’re shipping 1000 units it might be:

    • 20 units per box configuration, within
    • 50 boxes*

*The number will calculate 1000 if this is correct. If this number does not add up click here.

4. Click Confirm

Pro Tip:  Make sure to have a shipping label attached to both sides, in case they come off in shipping.

Shipping Labels 

This section is talks about Printing the shipping labels. This is the last (and most important!) step. 

After you print the labels, click complete the shipment.

Pro Tip: Our team usually selects the “black rectangle” option as these print nicely and on one sheet.

That's it --- You're done! Still need help?  Click here to join our Facebook discussion if you have any questions.

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