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How to Send (Just One!) Sample Product on Amazon

Have you ever send all your inventory to the Amazon warehouse, and then found you needed to send just one of your FBA units somewhere and been at a loss for how? Before you ask your mom to place an order for you to repackage and ship to a photographer, you can follow these quick steps.

  • Time to Complete: 1-3 minutes
  • Uses: When shipping your Amazon item to a photographer, marketer or as a gift
  • Level of Importance: Saves time and money however not required.

Getting Started 

  • Log into your Amazon Seller Central Account
  • Select"Inventory"
  • Select "Manage FBA Inventory"
  • Click "Edit" (in the rightmost column) 
  • Click Create Fulfillment Order

Important click “ship-to-address’ (This window offers a second: to dispose and destroy your item. yikes!)

Note: Prior to March 2020, You could only send within the country of the listing. If you sell your product internationally, you need to be in the correct Seller Central Account.  You cannot send this outside of the Country your product is in. (Ex. are selling from a US fulfillment center, you can send it anywhere in the United States.)

  • Add a Comment (optional)
  • Enter the desired number of units under “Fulfillment QTY”
  • Click continue and confirm
  • Choose Fulfillment Action 
  • Select when shipping (expedited etc.) 
  • Click Place Order

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this the same method you’d use for sending items with a coupon?

No, for coupons and marketing purposes you would set up a campaign. Coupons also take 4 hours before you can use them. Click here for more information on that

What if I want to send it to another country?

As of March 2020, this is now possible with the addition of steps 9 - 12 

When would you use this method? 

If you need to inspect your product again - maybe you've seen a sudden spike in returns marked “damaged” and want to make sure nothing happens in freight. Again as mentioned, you might also want to send this to a friend, photographer, or marketer. 

Is this when you do a quality inspection of your Amazon?

No! You will already have inspected your product and can get a trusted shipping agent to do this for future orders if you are replenishing often 


That's it --- You're done! Still, need help?  Click here to join our Facebook discussion if you have any questions.

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