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Staff Spotlight | Amy, Our Sourcing Superhero

If you’re an Amazon Seller, then you likely already have a few friendly and professional contacts in China and are familiar with the sourcing process --- you might even work with a sourcing agent. Luckily for us, our team’s all star in-house sourcing agent Amy is herself an expert sourcing agent, residing in China. 

Amy’s expert skills have aided in our customer’s success, and she’s weighing in to help Amazon Sellers ordering product from China in this month’s Staff Spotlight. 

Sourcing Superstar: Amy in Action

Amy has been our team’s lead sourcing agent in China for more than 6 years., She keeps up with the help of her team in Shenzhen, and will soon be expanding to YiWu.

YiWu is a hotspot for the manufacturing of common use products, making this a perfect choice for their expansion.

What does a typical day look like for you as a Sourcing Agent?

My main task is offering the full line for Amazon sellers once they have idea of what to sell online. We help:

  • Locate the top 3 right suppliers
  • Arrange samples (including free inspection) 
  • Customize packaging and boxes
  • Arrange order and shipments
  • Conduct pre-shipment inspections
  • Factory audits etc.

[We’re involved in everything] from the first sample, to when the finished products arrive at the Amazon warehouse.

What is the best part about what you do?

[The] best part of my job is helping Amazon Sellers make their own business booming. Most sellers are doing this as a part- time job, so once they give us the idea or product specifications they need, we can take over from there. That way,  clients just need to spend time on the selling part --- no need to worry about the supply chain in China. 

What’s The Toughest Part of your Job?

The toughest part is time. Time is always the problem. There’s just not enough for me to help more sellers

What’s Your Advice to Overseas Amazon Sellers?

Try to spend more time on the product research. Once a sellers confirm which product has a promising future and will profit, we can help them to achieve it 

What’s One Thing Amazon Sellers Can Do To Make your job easier?

One thing that could make my job easier? Trusting us, and sharing  more information with us from the beginning. As much as possible: product details, target price or budget

How has COVID-19 affected business for you in China?

It seems like, by the end of April, all the factories should be back to normal….

Image Source
  • 100% of our Chinese factories started to work now, but 80% of them have less materials, so it will affect:
    • lead time
    • prices (some raw material prices are rising) other than that, there is no effect 
  • That said, for Amazon businesses, the problem is the shipping, DDP line by air to US Amazon already stopped, but the sea shipping is still active,
  • Another thing to note is DHL/UPS express prices are super high
  • If the EU and US gain control of the virus, business will be good again quickly. If that happens right away, then maybe around June?

Sourcing, selling and manufacturing products is already a huge undertaking without the addition of time zones, language barriers, unfamiliar geography for shipping, and freight ---Sea or Sky!? (The answer is both, but that’s an article for another day) Everything is always easier if you know the territory or you have a friend who does.

Who's Up Next? 

Amy’s role as sourcing agent works closely with several other players on our team, we asked who she’d like to pass the spotlight to our Graphic Design Team Leader: Andrei, it looks like you’re up next!

Questions for Amy? Connect with all the experts on our time through our Facebook Community Discussions

Meet Amy, Lead Sourcing Agent at AMZ Savages

"I have gained over 9 years of international business experience and 5 years of sourcing
experience. Over 90% of the clients are Amazon sellers from different countries. I am
specialized in sourcing suppliers, samples arrangement, inspecting samples, order and
shipment arrangement, factory and pre-shipment inspection."

Learn more from our team of experts here.

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